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Meet the Culture Lab

Welcome to Culture Lab, the groundbreaking e-learning platform that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultural heritage and empowers individuals to explore, learn, and preserve the treasures of our diverse world. Behind this innovative venture stands a visionary entity, Innovation Hive, the driving force behind Culture Lab's mission to promote and foster cultural understanding on both local and European levels.

Culture Lab offers

Culture Lab offers a dynamic and accessible space where young generations and cultural professionals can embark on a journey of discovery. By providing an open platform that is free of charge, we ensure that knowledge and understanding of cultural heritage and the opportunities in the cultural sector are accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.


Through the collaborative efforts of our talented team at Culture Lab, the platform offers an array of captivating features and resources. From engaging video lessons and in-depth training materials to interactive quizzes and thought-provoking discussions, users can immerse themselves in the intricacies of various cultural elements.

The Vision

The vision of Culture Lab is the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage products, as well as the support and upskilling of cultural professionals By equipping individuals with essential digital and entrepreneurial skills, Culture Lab empowers artists, creators, and cultural practitioners to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the cultural sector with confidence and success.

Join Us

Join the vibrant Culture Lab community as we embark on a transformative journey of cultural discovery and understanding. Together, let's unlock the secrets of our collective heritage, foster appreciation for cultural diversity, and shape a future where culture thrives and enriches the lives of generations to come.